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Electrical Metrology Division


ElecElectrical Metrology Division of National Physical & Standards Laboratory (NPSL) is mandated to disseminate and maintain National Standards for DC Voltage & Resistance, Current, Inductance Capacitance and Power. In addition to this Laboratory Quality management System (LQMS) is being practiced to remain in accordance and fulfill requirements of ISO 17025

Functions of EMD

  • Realizing the primary standards and maintaining the national / reference standards in the field of electrical measurements>
  • Maintaining the traceability of electrical standards through ILCs and bilateral arrangements with NMIs of other countries
  • To improve and develop measurement techniques for Test / calibration in the field of electrical metrology
  • To provide test and calibration services to public / private industrial sector, especially to the defence organizations of the country
  • To carry out testing & standardization of electrical home appliances like PVC cables, electronics blasts and vinyl tiles
  • To provide training, consultancy and advisory services to different public and private departments / organizations of the country in the field of electrical metrology
  • Conducting specific R & D work to develop and improve the in use calibration techniques and supporting instrumentation in the field of electrical metrology
  • Realizing and establishment of primary standards of voltage through Josephson Voltage Standard (JVS) system for 1 Volt and 10 Volt.

Future Goals / Targets / Plans

  • • To establish facilities for on-site calibration to the customers in the field of electrical metrology
  • • To enhance the electrical measurement capabilities and facilities regarding range & Accuracy for:
    AC/DC Voltage. Up to 50 kV
    AC/DC Current. Up to 100 A
  • Improvement in existing measurement techniques including uncertainty budget in the field of electrical measurement
  • Visit to concerned local industries to find out their problems related to trade and to extend expertise to them.
  • In-house training of the metrologists on calibration techniques in electrical measurements under provision of BMR Project
  • To enhance the range and accuracy of the parameters in the accredited scope related with Electrical Metrology
  • Participation in national / international ILC and key comparison in electrical parameters arranged by concerned metrology bodies and NMIs
  • Training of the metrologists on improved calibration techniques in electrical measurements from NMIs of the Asia Pacific Region and the developed countries
  • Interaction with other NMI’s and metrology institutes regarding expert visits and the latest calibration techniques

PNAC Accredited Calibration Facilities

Parameter Range Uncertainty
DC Voltage 0 ---1200 V ±3 x 10 -4
AC Voltage 0 – 1050 Volts (10 HZ – 1.5 MHz) ± 0.01 %
DC Current 0 – 20 Amps 20 -1000 Amps (with Coils) ± 0.14 % ± 0.015%
AC Current 0 – 20 Amps (10 Hz –30KHz) 20 -1000 A (with Coils) ± 0.05 % ± 0.07 %
Resistance 0 Ω – 100 KΩ 100 kΩ– 1MΩ 1 MΩ–400MΩ ± 1 PPM– -8PPM ± 16PPM ± 0.02%
Inductance 1 µH – 100 H ± 0.03 %
Power (DC / AC) 1 mW – 20 KW ± 0.03 % (DC)


Universal Calibration System

Reference Digital Multimeter

Standard Resister

Multifunction Calibrator

Contact Personnel

Head Electrical Metrology Division
Phone: +92 51 9257462-7, Ext. 228, 241
Fax: +92 519258162

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