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Mass Metrology Division


Mass Metrology Division (MMD) was established to meet the requirements of quality system as per International Standards ISO/IEC 17025. Calibration services for Mass and Volume are accredited by PNAC. The Division provides calibration and measurement services in the fields of Mass, Volume, Density and Hardness to a large number of customers from public, defense and private sectors’ laboratories and industries


The main functions of Mass Metrology Division (MMD) are

  • Realization and maintenance of National Primary Standards of Mass &Volume
  • Dissemination of mass standards of E1, E2, F1 & F2 class and volume measures of different capacities ranging from 10 µL to 50 L
  • To conduct R&D activities for improving the existing measurement techniques in the field of Mass & Volume Metrology
  • To provide on-site calibration to customers for mass balances having capacity from 5 g to 5000 g and readability from 1 µg to 100 mg
  • To extend training services to different customers in the field of mass and volume metrology
  • To carry out designing, development and production of secondary and working standard of masses from 1 mg to 20 kg of F1, F2 class and volume measures according to OIML recommendations
  • Participations in ILC/PT program of mass and volume standards for maintaining the measurement traceability
  • To provide measurement services for density, specific gravity of different liquids and calibration of specific gravity meters/hydrometers
  • To provide calibration services for hardness standard of Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell scales
  • To impart training to personnel working in industry and other organizations on calibration techniques in the field of Mass & Volume Metrology

Mass Comparator

Weight Set (E1 class)

Mass Comparator

Mass Comparator



Main Equipment/Standards

  • Set of masses according to OIML class E1, E2, F1, F2 (1 mg to 20 kg)
  • Set of specific gravity meter 0.200 to 2.000 and set of hydrometers 0.600 g/cm3 to 2.000 g/cm3
  • Wolpert (Germany) hardness testing machine ( For Brinell, Vicker, & Rockwell scales)
  • Mass comparator (Sartorius) capacity 5 g and readability 0.1 µg
  • Mass comparator (Sartorius) capacity 100 g and readability 1 µg
  • Mass comparator (Mettler) capacity 1 kg and readability 1 µg
  • Mass comparator (Sartorius ) capacity 10 kg and readability 10 µg
  • Mass comparator (Sartorius) capacity 50 kg and readability 1 mg
  • Weighing balances/Machines calibration facility (On-site) is provided from the range of 1 mg to 20 kg

PNAC Accredited Calibration Facilities for

Mass Measurement

Parameter Range Uncertainty (±) mg
Mass 1 mg to 1 000 g 0.001 – 0.22
Mass 2 000 g to 5 000 g 0.37 – 0.98
Mass 10 000 to 20 000 g 1.80 – 5.00

Volume Measurement

Parameter Range Uncertainty (±) mg
Volume 10 µL-1000 µL 0.0001-0.1µL
Volume 1 mL-1000 mL 0.001-0.60mL
Volume 1 L- 10 L 0.06-30 mL

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