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Dimensional Metrology Division


Reference Standard Meter

Most of the work in the field of Dimensional metrology involves calibration of standards and Precision Measuring Equipment (PME) which are used to provide traceable measurements in industry. This division has the facility for calibration of a large number of different types of standards of lengths, such as Gauge blocks, Plug Gauges, Screw Gauges, Ring Gauges, Metre Scales, Dial Gauges, Height / Depth Gauges, End standards, Micrometers etc.


  • To Realize Primary Standard of Length, maintenance of National Standards of length and their dissemination in the country
  • Extension of calibration services to public and private industrial sectors for precise Dimensional measurements
  • To participate in the national and international ILCs in the field of dimensional metrology for the assurance of International Traceability.
  • To improve and develop measurement techniques for test / calibration in the field of dimensional metrology, through conducting specific R & D work.
  • To provide trainings, consultancy and advisory services in the field of dimensional metrology to different customers of industrial sector
    (public & private) academic and R&D institutions.

Salient Features

  • Improvement of Calibration Measuring Capabilities (CMCs) for the parameters in the accredited scope.
  • Upgraduation of existing calibration facilities for fixed standards of length
  • Training of metrologists at NMIs of developed countries and exchange visits of metrology experts to and from other NMIs in the field of dimensional metrology
  • Development of calibration techniques for complex dimensional measurements such as Taper plugs & Ring gauges using universal measuring machines.
  • Accreditation of dimensional metrology Lab. by internationally recognized agency for linear measurements.
  • Establishment of Laser measurement system capable of carrying out the following functions
    • Length measurements
    • Angle measurements
    • Flatness measurements
    • Pitch, Yaw
    • Straightness
    • Parallelism
  • Realization of Primary Standard of length (Meter) by using Frequency Stabilized lasers
  • Establishment of the facility for: measurement of Roundness and Surface roughness

Main Equipment for Complex Dimensional Measurements

Universal Measuring Machine MU-214B

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Mechanical machine MUL-300

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Reference Standard Gauge Block Set Grade: Super ‘00’

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Gauge Block Comparator

PNAC Accredited Calibration Facilities

Parameter Range Uncertainty (±);
Line Standards (Point to Point) 0.0 to 1.0 m 0.12 mm
Line Standards (End to End) 0.0 to 1.0 m 0.01 mm
Gauge Blocks 0.5 mm to 300 mm 0.2 µm by MUL--300
Gauge Blocks 0.5 mm to 100 mm 0.08 µm to 0.2 µm (Using Comparator)
Internal Diameter 0.0 to 350 mm 0.6 µm
External Diameter 0.0 to 350 mm 0.6 µm

Contants Personnel

Head Dimensional Metrology Division
Phone: +92 51 9265165-7, Ext. 215
Fax: +92 519265162

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